Teaching the horse TRUST and CONFIDENCE, increasing COMMUNICATION and gaining control of the horses' FEET and encouraging SOFTNESS and LIGHTNESS is for all hobbies and disciplines!

Our mission is to create happy, easy-going, well-rounded and SAFE horses! All sale and training horses will gain experience in many different areas. We find that the more horses are exposed to, the more relaxed and confident they become. Horses that are cloistered, "bubble wrapped" and never get a chance to see the world or have an opportunity to really learn and be challenged, can be spooky, unreliable, unhappy and even dangerous. Pair that horse with a timid or inexperienced rider and you can imagine the potential for disaster. Horses are prey animals and are hard-wired to flee. We spend a lot of time training the horses to let go of their prey instinct and trust us as their leader. Over protecting a horse and avoiding situations that are scary or uncomfortable to him is not the way to make a safe horse. Teaching him how to THINK, LEARN and TRUST is how he will grow into a superb athlete, partner, and friend!

Some Things We Like To Accomplish:

  • Solid groundwork, independent movement of hindquarters and forehand, backing on a soft feel
  • Desensitizing (some call it "bomb proofing"), working with flags and tarps
  • Working over confidence building obstacles on the ground and under saddle
  • Basic flatwork on a loose rein
  • Introduction to a soft feel and contact under saddle
  • Extensive trail riding over all types of terrain and obstacles including: hills, rocks, mud, water, logs, bridges, tunnels, etc.
  • Small jumps in the arena and out
  • Exposure to whips, flags, tarps, traffic, bicycles, motorcycles and maybe even gunfire
  • Ridden in both English and western tack, it matters not what the horse is wearing, the horsemanship is the same!
  • Self-loading into the trailer
  • Standing while tied
  • Working cattle

This diverse training and experience makes for a well-rounded solid horse that will be ready to learn and excel in whatever discipline you choose. Trail rides and working cattle can only improve a dressage horse, just like basic dressage will make a trail mount more of a pleasure to ride.

Training Board $1350/month
This includes regular board plus 15-20 hours of training sessions per month, on the ground, in the saddle and trailering off the property to the trails at Fair Hill. The owner is encouraged to come out and watch and learn as I want you to be able to get on your horse so you can continue the journey when my training ends.

*Colt Starting 90 Day Minimum to produce a well-started, fun to ride, safe horse ready to go in any direction

Currently booked through Spring 2018
Taking reservations for Summer and Fall 2018

I am also available for training rides and lessons in basic riding, horsemanship, groundwork, problem solving, trailer loading, obstacles and trail riding confidence.
$60/hour at my location, $80-$100+ at yours.

Turning Wild Horses Into Dream Horses

Training and Colt Starting

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