Turning Wild Horses Into Dream Horses

​​Teaching the horse TRUST and CONFIDENCE, increasing COMMUNICATION and gaining control of the horses' FEET and encouraging SOFTNESS and LIGHTNESS is for all hobbies and disciplines!

Have a problem area in your riding or handling or just want to increase your confidence, communication and softness? Bring your horse to Wild Dreams Farm for horsemanship lessons! I can help you work on the things I do with all of my training horses and the exercises we work on in clinics. We can work on groundwork, problem solving, obstacles, confidence, tarps and flags, trailer loading, communication and relaxation under saddle, softening your aids, moving the feet and body parts independently, confidence on the trail and more. I prefer to work one on one in private lessons. If you are looking for a group atmosphere, considering hosting a clinic or mini-clinic at your location. Call me and we can brainstorm some ideas!

​Private Lessons/Training Ride:
$80/hour at my location
$125+ at yours

Check below for upcoming clinics, or call to inquire about scheduling a full or half-day clinic at your location!

Lessons and Clinics